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Command line options for protecting hidden volume


Hi there, I've been transferring from TC to VC and am wondering whether VC also provides an option to mount an outer volume (container on USB drive) while protecting a hidden inner volume. I searched the web but did not find any explanation / example, and the truecrypt switches /P and /K do not work, instead, when providing the mount information for both volumes VC always mounts the hidden but not the outer as expected.

I'm using this syntax

veracrypt.exe /P n:\vc /v n:\vc /l l /m rm /p PASSWORD /K KEYFILE /q /a /c n /h n

where the outer volume usses a password while the hidden volume is opened via keyfile w/o password.
This is, except from the rm-option, basically my former TC syntax, in VC however with a totaly different results.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


idrassi wrote Mar 9, 2015 at 6:11 PM


TrueCrypt supports the switches /P and /K for protecting hidden volume only on Linux/MacOSX.
VeraCrypt supports the same switches also and only on Linux/MacOSX.

The switches /P and /K were never supported by TrueCrypt on Windows.

So what you are asking for has never existed on Windows in TrueCrypt and it doesn't exist in VeraCrypt. As such, I'm considering this as feature request.