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64-bit Bootloader


Hello Mounir,

After you complete the 32-bit bootloader, please create the 64-bit bootloader for 64-bit OS's.

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Mounir wrote:
By switching to a 32-bit bootloader, one should expect 3x boost of performance, so if a boot takes 60s now, it should take around 20s with 32-bit bootloader. Having 64-bit bootloader means that we need to optimize the crypto code for 64-bit in order to have a real gain of performance. The 32-bit version will give a boost on all systems and that's why the focus is on it. After it is done, we can start thinking about a 64-bit dedicated bootloader.

Thank you!


1337LEET wrote Sep 12, 2015 at 11:36 PM

I want that too.
My Bootloader takes at least 5 minutes with a quadcore i7. (20+ Character password)