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Pretest fails - "Wrong Password/PIM/Hash" SOLVED!


Hello everyone,

I tried System Encryption with VC 1.19, 1.18a and 1.20 beta on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, but it says "Wrong Password/PIM/Hash".
I tried with:
-Boot Option UEFI (only "Enter Password:" is displayed)
-several different encryption algorithms,
-secure boot disabled and enabled,
-different settings for bootloader priority (windows bootloader first or VC Bootloader first),
-external harddrives / USB-Sticks disconnected as this seems to cause problems sometimes,
-Caps and Numlock are in the same state as when I entered the PW during setup.
-XHCI on/off

There is one additional, internal harddrive in the Computer, could this be the problem? Motherboard is the MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC. I sucessfully encrypted an external harddrive with Windows to Go (W10 Pro 64bit) on it with the very same Computer and VC 1.19. No Problems.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
Picture of Disk Management attached.

VeraCrypt seems to have problems with the symbols "}" and "{". Those are placed on the buttons above the "enter"-button. But if you press shift and "[" / "]" VeraCrypt doesn't care about that and just takes it as a "[" or "]" which leads to the "wrong Password/PIM/Hash" error.

Question to the VC-Development:
Is this a specific problem with my Keyboard/Hardware Setup or is it a general problem?
And thanks for doing a great job and implementing the EFI-OS-Encryption!

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