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Cannot create Hidden OS



I do not have the option to "Create Hidden Operating System" in Veracrypt. The option is simply "greyed" out. I created a partition right after the system partition that has at least 2.1 times the space as the system partition. I have even deleted this partition and left it as unallocated space (disk_manager_view.png). Do I need to arrange the other system reserved partitions in a particular order? If so it is not clear from the manual.

Appreciate any assistance I can get. Thank you!


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strider_55 wrote Mar 12 at 8:36 PM

I was able to create an "Outer Volume" and a "Hidden Volume" with this setup. I simply do not have the option to create a "Hidden OS" with the same setup as depicted in the attached image.


kavsrf wrote Mar 14 at 9:28 AM

EFI system encryption does not support old style of hidden os.

It is possible to create full disk encryption or hidden os but it requires several steps in EFI shell from rescue disk.


if there is interest to the problem I can continue but it requires to buy sign key from MS. details: