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Various issues with arm version, which may also affect other builds


When I used veracrypt on my raspi a few days ago, I noticed a few issues with the cli armv7 version:

1) I need libwxbase3.0-0 as a dependency, I guess there are more dependencies for the GUI version like libwxgtk? It would be good to mention this just like you mention the dependency on OpenFUSE for macOS

2) veracrypt -tc -c
does create VC volumes, not old-school TC volumes (so mount using veracrypt -tc container.hc will fail!)

3) Size = 1.5G does not result in a 1.5GB file but in a 1.0 GB file

4) Volume path = ~/
causes "Error. No such file ~/" AFTER entropy collection.

[5) seems like the cli and/or linux version cannot expand volumes?]