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Veracrypt on Windows and the Recycle Bin: Mount volumes as removable media by default?



we've been using Veracrypt for our sensitive data for a while and just found out that files
deleted from local containers is being moved to the recycle bin.
Which is a disaster, the files live and die inside the container for a reason.

One can't seem to tweak the Windows settings to get things right, but just
to disable the trash bin completely or in an ad-hoc fashion for drives currently mounted.

I found Veracrypt's "Mount volumes as removable media" option to do the right thing here, though.

From my view, that really should be the default setting.

From the discussion here:

I gather that for multi-user setups, the removable devices bring their own leak
(to other users) to the table. Which is not an issue here, so my preferences may be skewed...

Nevertheless, if you don't think switching the default is a sensible thing to do,
please document this problem in layman's terms on the page given above.
And probably in the "leaks" section.

It does say

"Windows is prevented from automatically creating the ‘Recycled’ and/or the ‘System Volume Information’ folders on VeraCrypt volumes (in Windows, these folders are used by the Recycle Bin and System Restore features). "

but this would not tell me that this makes deleted files go to the recycle bin instead of the data nirvana.
With hindsight, it does, but that's not quite good enough, IMHO.

So, something along the lines of: If you use the recycle bin and don't want files you delete from your container to be moved there, make sure the "Mount volumes as removable media" option is set.

I think that would help avoid this particular "beginner's error".

And also, thank you for all the effort developing Veracrypt. Software usage and documentation generally are really, really nice. That's very much appreciated.