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Slow Write Speeds


I have one particular disk that seems to be suffering under Veracrypt. I have a total of 5 encrypted volumes, each on a different drive/array and each using the exact same encryption method - the other 4 work as expected and at very nearly full speed. The one goes from ~200MB/s writes to ~30MB/s with veracrypt. Removing encryption and reformatting the drive returns it to full speed.

This also applies to making an encrypted volume on the unencrypted disk. The write speeds are awful, but I can write to the unencrypted portion at full speed.

And two other interesting observations:
-Veracrypt encrypts the volume at 185MB/s with no error. It just writes to it slowly after the initial encryption.
-The Windows file copy utility writes to the encrypted volume at full speed. Nothing else I've found does, Teracopy, 7-zip, crystal disk mark, or any other benchmark I've found, Photoshop, etc... But the issue doesn't seem to appear with Windows built-in file copy utility.