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Dropbox Files Effect of Encryption


Dear Veracrypt team,

I am intended to encrypt my drives using Veracrypt.

I have online drives (Droppbox & Google Drive) syncing contents between the cloud & the local drives.

While all the data on the local drive will be encrypted rendering the files unreadable on other devices (mobile..)

Is there a workaround to make these files accessible in the cloud while keeping them encrypted?



JohnnyLChang wrote Feb 22 at 6:04 AM


I am not the guy from Veracrypt but I understand a little bit about disk encryption. This kind of product only protect the data at rest which means on the disk. Basically, if the data is read from disk and put into file system or memory, it will not be encrypted naturally. If you need any solution for cloud storage, you should consider to use the product like BoxCryptor. It will help you to encrypt the data inside the local folder before synchronizing into remote storage.

Basically, it created another virtual disk on top of dropbox folder. therefore, the dropbox can only see encrypted file and synchronize it to the cloud.


enduser0987 wrote Feb 22 at 7:52 AM

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for the reply.

So now I understood that if I am using Veracrypt to encrypt the whole partition containing the Dropbox folder that syncs with dropbox cloud, the files will be encrypted and inaccessible on the mobile app, if I needed to view the files on the go, but only on the computer encrypting the files.

I have viewed BoxCryptor, thank you for sharing, it would encrypt the files contained in the boxcrypt container synced with cloud rendering the files inaccessible on the go too.


JohnnyLChang wrote Feb 22 at 7:18 PM

Actually, Dropbox will synchronize the plain text document into cloud because VeraCrypt decrypt it from disk transparently. The solution that I recommend for you can still keep the document encrypted on the cloud, just like what you mentioned.