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Veracrypt volume missing after restart


I had created a Veracrypt volume / container on a 32 GB USB drive using exFAT file system in windows 8 OS. The veracrypt volume size was set to 25 GB.

Yesterday, i mounted the veracrypt volume and was accessing a file saved in this veracrypt volume. Unknowingly before dismounting the veracrypt volume, I restarted the computer. After rebooting, when I tried to access the USB drive it displayed the message 'E:\ is not accessible' (Location is not available) error.

Windows also displayed an error message 'There's a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it.' When I clicked on this message box, the contents of the USB drive were immediately displayed but the veracrypt volume, which I had labeled as MyVault was missing from the files list in the USB drive.

Also when I checked the USB partitions in Disk Management, it displayed a single partition instead of two partitions ( one for veracrypt volume & other for the remaining USB drive).

All the files in the veracrypt volume are available on the USB (as the USB shows used space as 25 GB) but I am unable to access these files, as the veracrypt volume MyVault is not listed in the list of files on the USB drive.

Kindly provide a solution to access the files stored on my veracrypt volume.

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