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Windows update no longer runs once veracrypt is installed


Win10 x64 Enterprise
Dell 7240 i7
8gb ram
512 ssd
Symantec Endpoint protection 12.1.7061.6600
joined to corporate domain, and using wsus server

I just did 2 fresh installs of Win10 (the second one just to verify this problem). I did not see anything about this on the first pages of returns, so hopefully this is not a duplicate submission.

I was "upgrading" from Win8.1 to Win10. In Win8.1, I was using the old truecrypt (I do not have state secrets), but I figured that now is the time to move to veracrypt. Well, things went fine until I tried to do windows up updates. The updates were... strange. Sometimes it would just not run, sometimes it would find the updates, but fail to start the download, sometimes it would download the updates but not start the install. It did not start the install at any time.

before reinstalling, I attempted these fixes, but none worked. The sfc and dism would fail, and the hep I found with those errors suggested a repair install of Windows:

This was quite upsetting as I had installed many things, and nothing pointed to veracrypt. I did a clean reinstall (rather than a repair) of win10, and made one change at a time, running updates each time. I found the problem to manifest after installing veracrypt, and stopped once it was removed.

I have moved to using bitlocker, but I am less happy with that solution. I hope this was helpful.


daniel_mm wrote Feb 4 at 12:07 PM

Is your system encrypted, or just a partition? Is the temp folder on an encrypted partition?

Apart from missing information, the mention of Symantec Endpoint "protection" makes me very suspicious. Do you still have problems when SE is disabled?