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Error while parsing command line


Hello there,
I switched from Truecrypt to Veracrypt. I now try to get the command line syntax working again. I'm using a normal VC container on a normal USB Stick. Just transport security for documents. Nothing super secret but as a teacher, I have to make sure that test results or schoolreports can't be accessed easily by someone who might find a lost stick (this happend to a colleague, the hm wasn't amused).

My old command line looked like this (and worked):

/v "VeraCryptContainer" /lk /a /q /e

This would show just the password dialog and mount the volume to letter "K".

Now I just get "Error while parsing command line". The Volume ID is not shown in the properties dialog so I can`t use the ID instead of the container name. The container is in the same folder as veracrypt on the same usb stick (I can open programs on schoolcomputers, but not allowed to install them).

How do I have to alter the command line syntax to get this working again?

Thx 4 F1.



AdrianKIT wrote Jan 22 at 2:31 PM

Try putting a space in: /l k.
Veracrypt is stricter over syntax; better from a security point of view, since less likely to have inadvertant results as a result of typos etc

stormsh wrote Jan 22 at 3:02 PM

Hi AdrianKIT,
bullseye. Never would have guessed that part to be wrong. I thought vc calls the container with a different syntax. Thank you very much.