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Volume created on windows 7 64 bit can't be opened in windows 10 home 32 bit and viceversa


I just upgraded my Aspire Switch 10 from windows 8.1 to windows 10 32 bits few days ago. after the upgrade I just started to copy stuff from my windows 7 PC to the Aspire switch 10, I just installed veracrypt 1.19 (in both computers), the first thing that I tried was open a volume already created on windows 7 on my windows 10 home PC, I mounted the volume but the volume was empty... dismounted the volume... tried to mount the volume on windows 7 PC, no problem, all my stuff were there.
Next test, I created a new volume on windows 10, same size, same encryption (AES) hash, size,etc..., mounted the volume on windows 10, copied some stuff, dismounted the volume and tried to mount the volume on windows 7 PC... empty... dismount the volume, mounted again in windows 10, all my stuff were there.

Look like something is wrong between the two versions of veracrypt 1.19 64 bits and 1.19 32 bits

Can somebody help me out with this?

Best Regards,

Elias Avila