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Constant disk utilization when automatic mounting of favorite volumes is enabled


Veracrypt continuously reads on all connected drives (internal and external) at ~16kb/s when the system has unmounted "Favorite Volumes" that have the option "Mount selected volume when its host device gets connected" enabled.

I used two external HDDs with Veracrypt-encrypted partitions and one unencrypted USB memory stick with a physical write protection switch enabled. Both external HDDs were added to Favorite Volumes and switches "Use Volume ID to mount favorite" and "Mount selected volume when its host device gets connected" were enabled. Using this setup the following can be observed:
  • Unless all favorite volumes are connected AND mounted properly, any drive connected to the system (including the internal system disk) is being continually read at a slow ~16kb/s speed.
  • When you mount all favorite drives and the reading stops, dismounting (but not physically unplugging) one of the drives resumes the continuous reading on that drive and any other non-favorite drive.
  • If you unplug the unmounted favorite drive (from the previous case), the reading starts on the other mounted favorite drive as well.
  • Judging by the lack of errors in my write-protected memory stick, Veracrypt does not write anything to these drives, just continually reads.
  • Problem also affects devices with no encryption
Problem may be similar to:

Disabling "Mount selected volume when the host device gets connected" stops the problem, but a keyboard shortcut is required to mount a favorite drive when connected.

Veracrypt 1.19 (64-bit)
  • System partition encryption under UEFI
  • Second partition (on system disk) encrypted and mounted via System Favorites
  • External drives have encrypted partitions and are mounted via Favorite Volumes
    Windows 10 64-bit (pre-anniversary edition)