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Can't unmount usb hdd in Win, after I mounted-dismounted in Veracrypt (Only in Win10)



I make a container file on a hdd, and I put it into an usb docking station. I mount it in Veracrypt 1.19 and dismount it (it doesn't mind, whether I read/write on the disk or not), Veracrypt successfully disconnect it, but Windows 10 Annyversary x64 can't dismount the drive, because it says, something uses the drive. I just have 2 opportunities: pull out the usb cable, while Win say, not to do, or restart the computer. Under Win 8.1 x64, there isn't problem, it can unmount it.
I tried 2 docking station (1 usb3 and 1 usb2, different brands), on motherboard usb2,3,3.1, and another one computer, and some hdds, but can't help.
If I mount the hdd in windows, but not mount in Veracrypt, I can correctly dismount it, but after mount-dismount in V.C., Win can't dismount. I tried to close every program, and all the Windows services, what Win10 alloved, but can't help.
After this, I installed a new Win10 Anniv., and absolutely no other, neither programs nor drivers. It didn't work. After this I deleted the Win, and installed Win 8.1, and it worked correctly.
When I copied the container file to my usb flash driver, Win10 unmounted perfectly.
I asked in a forum, and other members said, they had the same problem (some of them said, they had the problem also in usb flash).
The problem comes from Truecrypt, beacuase TC 7.1a works as the same.
Please help, because I not dare to pull out the hdd, when Win10 says, not to do!


EstebanLopez wrote Jan 6 at 6:35 AM

I have had this issue with USB flash that does NOT have veracrypt. If you "google" this issue, you will see that this is a WINDOWS issue.