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Win 10 x64 full system ssd encrypted, no booting possible


Hi, i encrypted my msi laptop win 10 x64 system-ssd.
pre-encryption worked, encryption worked, no system booting possible. uefi, nonuefi, nothing...
windows always starts into repairmode, but ofcourse nothing helps.
i got in generating mode a file 1.2mb siz starting with "PK  ŒœI·G1ª' àH  EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi"
... i need the repairdisc, but i only have this file. i cant burn it as image, known from truecrypt.
please help me
sorry for my bad english.

thanks so much!



HighTech2016 wrote Jan 7 at 11:36 AM

Select in your UEFI Bios VERACRYPT BOOTLAODER and not the default value WINDOWS BOOT Loader.
I had the same issue, but solved it by pressing F10 during start to open your Bios Boot menu where you select the boot order of your devices.....

casionline wrote Jan 8 at 7:06 AM

Hi, thanks for the answaer.
i entered my bios, and i can change to eufi, ueficsam or legacy.
i can change in "uefi hard disk drive bbs priorities" only windows boot manager or disabled...
i dont know where to select verycrypt. i think im just some clicks away, but cant find the solution :((

HighTech2016 wrote Jan 8 at 10:37 AM

What Bios do you have?

One thing that works always:
Copy the EFI folder of the rescue disc zip file on a USB stick and boot this stick. Then select veracrypt boot loader.

casionline wrote Jan 9 at 11:07 AM

ok, it works so far, that i bootet the stick and im asked to enter the password...
but it doesnt work , because the password si wrong? im 100percent sure it is not... it worked at pre encryption checking.

how can i decrypt the drive on another machine from windows10 with veracrypt? i dont have a rescuecd, but a full working desktop win10 pc with veracrypt, but it doesnt realize the ssd which is not booting.
its a gpt drive, not looking like windows standart...

HighTech2016 wrote Jan 9 at 7:43 PM

  1. Are you sure that after you booted from the USB stick you selected the right partition vera crypt rescue disc loader should load / was there a selection possible.
  2. I experimented with my one: I selected in "uefi hard disk drive bbs priorities" DISABLED and veracrypt worked to (when you disable windows bootloader the uefi looks at your hdd until it finds another one which should be the veracrypt one.
  3. To decrypt the drive there are several ways:
    I prefer starting your pc with a Linux live CD e.g. Linux Mint. Install veracrypt. Decrypt it.
    Second way: plug your ssd to another win 10 pc running veracrypt and load volume select the partition (the right one) and select permanently decrypt.
Note: When you try to decrypt a normal unencrypted volume VC will always say wrong password when you read carefully it also says wrong header in the message.

Please write if you where successful :)
And choose the right partition. People selected wrong partitions and so restored a wrong header to it and killed it....

casionline wrote Jan 10 at 8:13 AM

Hi, thanks for the nice reply.
  1. i cant select a partition, i think thats the problem, because veracrypt loader seems to work...
  2. doesnt search veracrypt as far i can see.
    3 i used my other pc, used a usb reader with the ssd and tried to permanently decrypt, wron passwort everytime...
    isnt there a ky stored on my usbstick, in the case anything goes wrong? there are several .dcs files, isnt there a solution possible!? like the old truecrypt loader with the integrated rescueprogram....

HighTech2016 wrote Jan 10 at 10:28 AM

You have to switch your keyboard layout to US.
I assume you use a EU keyboard like me...
And the number block 1 is differnt from the normal 1 of the keyboard.

casionline wrote Jan 10 at 11:00 AM

Uh! Ok, that sounds strange but could be the solution, because i have numbers in my pw :)
how to change the keyboardsetting?

HighTech2016 wrote Jan 10 at 11:41 AM

Press ALT and SHIFT.
Press y on your keyboard and a z should appear or counterwise.
Don't ever use keypad to enter numbers in passwords.
The ASCII code of keyboard 1 and normal 1 is different.
You will see a 1 in both cases on your screen, but the PC and VC sees to different 1 since it always takes the ASCII code of the key stroke....