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operating mode question (LRW vs XTS)


I have a current Truecrypt volume that has an operating mode of LRW. I note that the only choice I have on VeraCrypt is XTS. Is there a way to convert the operating mode from this TrueCrypt volume so that it opens in VeraCrypt?

BTW, on another (XTS) volume, I found that, using TrueCrypt 7.1a, I could convert a volume that would not open in VeraCrypt to one that would by simply updating the PKCS-5 PRF on the volume. It would then open fine in VeriCrypt. Was this a fluke, or is this a method that I missed in the documentation?

Other than mounting much more slowly (esp noticeable on my NAS) than TrueCrypt, I like the program. Overall, it appears to be a very satisfactory program. Thank you.

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