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encrypted volume - existing/not existing patitions


Hi. (please excuse my english - it´s not perfect ;))

During Xmas I tried to encrypt my 4Tb hard drive.
Windows is telling me, there is only 1 partition

TrueCrypt and after that VeraCrypt is showing 2 partitions

When I try to choose the hard drive (picture #1) he tells me:
When I choose the 3.6Tb Patition (#3) he starts the encryption - finishes after 8 hours. The outcome is: after it finishes at 100% there are several error messages. I can mount the volume, but i cant get access to the hard drive, because it is formated RAW.

my assumption: the 128mb are a kind of buffer (hidden partition) without the 128mb i cant write anything to the disk. ?!?!

Is there a way i can encrypt this volume without using a container of 3,6Tb on the hard drive?
I do not understand the 3rd picture. Do I need to encrypt both partitions with a different master key?
Is there a tutorial I can use?

Thanks a lot for your help! :)


cloud321 wrote Dec 26, 2016 at 11:35 PM

Ok i have it!!

quick tutorial how to: hirensboot CD
2.flash hirensboot CD to CD
3.boot from CD
4.choose 3rd option (live linux)
5.wait for it to boot
6.start patition manager
7.delete both partitions
8.restart windows
9.create new volume

You are done - it should work now.

I hope this is helpful to anyone. :)