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Can't boot, Classpnp.sys


I recently installed this on some new work machines, and now some of them cannot boot. They worked fine for a few boots and have now begun crashing before fully loading windows. They even crash in safe mode. As it is loading, the last thing to load is CLASSPNP.SYS and the system hangs then reboots. Upon loading the veracrypt bootloader, it says "non-System disk or disk error. replace and strike any key when ready" To fix that message, I have to unplug the computer and completely power cycle it in order for it to load the bootloader again. I am decrypting one of the machines in an attempt to repair it. Another one can't be decrypted (missing the image somehow) so it will just be re-imaged. Unless anyone has any suggestions, I am going to go ahead and decrypt all of the new machines to prevent further issues. I am open to any suggestions.