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Evil-Maid attacks


Hello - I'm in need of help. I've downloaded and installed VeraCrypt 1.19 (64 bit) with absolutely no problems :-). Unfortunately, I'm having to, after three or four days, reinstall VeraCrypt because of an Evil-Maid attacks warning. This was an issue reportedly fixed with the new 1.19 release, perhaps not, as I'm getting the warning on a regular basis.

I have two, 8TB, USB, external Hard Drives, if I turn them on before starting my system or leave them on after system shut down I get the Evil-Maid Attack Warning.

To fix the problem, I must mount the encrypted drive, then reinstall the software, else the Evil-Maid Attack warning reappears.

Second call for Help!! I've got to fix what seems to be a very annoying problem

Cheers :-(


WalterAHorton wrote Dec 12, 2016 at 5:59 PM

Supplement to Evil-Maid Attacks Warning

Encryption exists on only one, 1TB, USB, External HD. the 8TB Hard Drives are not encrypted