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keyboard shortcuts for hash algorithms


Hello, I'm bumping now into correct section ;)
original post here:

I think it would be great to have the possibility to pick the hash algorithm using keyboard shortcut in password prompt dialog. Each algorithm could have its unique shorcut, I suggest numbers, sha512 (1), whirlpool (2), sha256 (3) and so on and they can be picked by alt+number. Example for sha-512:

myverysecretpassword<alt>1<enter> and that's it

With the recent optimizations and the hash algorithm manually selected is the mounting speed reduced to minimum even on older hardware, so there's no need for PIM. User only has to remember the password and optionally the hash algorithm, if he wants to improve mounting speed.

I'm aware, that hash can be preset in settings (nice), but I don't like anything stored which might give the adversary even a bit of clue ;-)

Thank you.