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Selected boot image did not authenticate


Trying to use VeraCrypt 1.19 to encrypt an existing PC. When performing the System Encryption pre-test, I got the following message "Selected boot imaged did not authenticate" when I power on the machine after veracrypt has installed the its new boot piece.
I'm just a guy who wants to add some security on his laptop without the need to change its bios config nor reinstalling Windows ;-) Any chance that again the Secure Boot of Windows is preventing a proper use of veracrypt (and enforce the use of Bitlocker ? ;-)).
Thanks for your support.


sfardel wrote Dec 14, 2016 at 9:59 AM

Question related to Secure Boot issue. As options are : 1. Get an official key from Microsoft, 2. Disable Secure Boot or 3. Pass Secure Boot in custom mode. For 1, I have no control on it ;-) and for 2 and 3, I'm not enough an expert to understand the functional and non-functional risks:
  • What if customizing the Secure Boot in case of Windows update ?
  • What if disabling secure boot to have disk encryption -> does disk encryption compensate some of the security risks that secure boot is covering (like prevention of boot modification ?) ?
  • Is that not that secure to get an official digital signature from Microsoft for Secure Boot ?
Thanks for your advice and feedback