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Multiple partitions on USB drive


In the documentation the following functionality is described: "Create two or more partitions on your USB flash drive. Leave the first partition non encrypted and encrypt the other partition(s). You can store VeraCrypt on the first partition in order to run it directly from the USB flash drive.
Note: Windows can only access the primary partition of a USB flash drive, nevertheless the extra partitions remain accessible through VeraCrypt."
I partitioned a USB leaving the 1st partition normal (fat32) and the 2nd one as an unformatted volume.Using Veracrypt on a windows 7 system, the second partition of USB is not visibile. This happens both in creating new encrypted drive and in mounting (selecting device dos not show the partition).
I tried also using on the USB a 2nd formatted volume.

I know that there is previous issue documenting that it is a behavior of recent windows releases, I also tried the ConcealDrive utility and the partition is displayed with a trailing "??" so it is unusable.

__But an interesting question is: if this is due to windows, why using another disk encryption tool (e.g. proxycrypt) the second partition is visible, usable and can be formatted ?