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Dell XPS 13 laptop installation issue


I installed Veracrypt on a Dell XPS 13 laptop (250 GB SSD disk; Windows 8.1) and selected the option of full disk encryption.

After I created the USB recovery disk, I restarted to carry out the test. The laptop appeared to power off instead of rebooting; when I tried to start it up, I received an error from VC that access was denied (it appeared to be looking for the password, that hadn't yet been entered). I hit OK, and it booted into Windows and told me the test had failed. I selected the option to try again, and saw the same result - an apparent shutdown, then the error dialog. After I went back into Windows, I searched for the error circumstances but have found nothing related.

I've disabled the boot changes till I can determine what caused this.

Are there any known issues re. installing on SSDs? Any ideas what might be going on here?




ddougan wrote Nov 25, 2016 at 1:51 AM

Apologies - I posted this on the wrong page. I should have opened a thread on the Discussions page, as it's unlikely this is a bug.