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Unmountable hidden VeraCrypt volume


VeraCrypt Version 1.19 (x64).
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1607 (Build 14393.447).
Disk: Samsung Flash Drive USB Device (32 GB).

As mentioned in , I've just experienced the same problem. When the error "Source: MountVolume:7763" appeared for the first times I thought "OK, it has been a long time since I set this stuff up (with version 1.18a of VeraCrypt) and probably have forgotten my password".

Fortunately I've had my imporant data stored on another partition, lucky me. So I started all over again, formatted my USB memory device in Windows Explorer, created a new VeraCrypt outer volume that occupies the whole disk space (29.88 GB) and another hidden one (1 GB within). The outer volume is mounted just fine, but the hidden one is not at all.

The passwords lengths I created for the two volumes are different:
8 letters, 1 exclamation mark and 3 digits for the outer volume,
14 letters, 3 underscores and 1 exclamation mark for the hidden one.

I have been starting over and over with different approaches (with quick format and without, etc.), but nothing has ever helped.

BREAKING NEWS: I used to choose the option "Standard VeraCrypt volume" before and "Hidden VeraCrypt volume" afterwards which always results in an unmountable hidden volume failure. But when I choose "Hidden VeraCrypt volume" and let VeraCrypt create the outer volume first and the hidden volume within second - both operations complete successfully - , it really can be mounted successfully! Did I misunderstand anything or could it be a bug in VeraCrypt?
I hope that this problem will never appear again. Thank you for your attention.