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Inform & Entertain VC User During Wait Times


The VeraCrypt user display is a big problem - it actually encourages the user to think that VeraCrypt is too slow!! Telling the user that the program will take a long time and may become unresponsive is very, VERY bad form.

During lengthy installations many products entertain the user with tales of exactly what is happening while the user waits, along with numeric indicators and graphic displays of progress (% complete, etc.). With enough progress reporting and enough entertainment along the way (see Firefox's exemplary installation process which includes a very entertaining and informative haiku along with lots of great progress reporting and eye candy), the wait will become enjoyable!

VeraCrypt should look very closely at how it can better entertain and inform the user during both the volume creation process and the volume mounting process.


algreider8 wrote Jan 16, 2015 at 4:22 PM

It is not a security oriented idea, though it sounds pretty good!

Shereen52 wrote Apr 16, 2015 at 2:09 AM

Never mind about the message saying VeraCrypt may stop responding - why is VeraCrypt so slow to load volumes in the first place?!!! I changed to VeraCrypt when support for TrueCrypt had stopped and successfully converted all my volumes to VeraCrypt without problems. But VeraCrypt is so much slower than TrueCrypt that I am considering changing back to TrueCrypt! In fact, I probably would if I knew how to do that easily.