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Resizer for existing volumes


There is currently a VeraCrypt tool to expand the maximum size of existing created volumes:
:: VeraCrypt Expander ::
Expand a VeraCrypt volume on the fly without reformatting
There is also a tool to create new volumes (of any size) called "VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard".
However there is no tool to shrink the maximum size of existing volumes, which would be really useful as I have an existing volume which I would like to resize smaller to fit in with other files in a directory but I would not like to have to create a whole new volume and copy over the files from the larger current volume. My files do not take up all of the storage in my current volume so I shrinking the size would work.

As you already have an expander tool, surely a shrinker tool shouldn't be too difficult. Please create this tool to shrink existing volumes (perhaps rename the "Veracrypt Expander" tool to "VeraCrypt Expander/Shrinker"/"VeraCrypt Volume Resizer" and add the new tool in with it).

Screenshot of the existing tools - no size shrink tool yet (
Image explained above.

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simgojohn wrote Aug 28, 2016 at 5:18 PM

This blog post might be useful, it describes modifications to extcv (which the VeraCrypt Expander seems largely be based on) to allow shrinking.