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my harddrive device is gone?


Hi i have a problem. I use VeraCrypt and choose to create a volume and then "encrypt a non-system partion/drive" then i choose "standard veracrypt volume" and selected an internal harddrive.
Then i started the encryption, but the problem is that i was typing on a website when suddenly it switched over to Veracrypt and that made veracrypt interrupt the encryption and it gave me an error. Then Veracrypt crashed and now when i check "My computer" i cant even see my internal disc drive, its gone. Veracrypt keeps saying that "You have scheduled the process of encryption/decryption of a partition/volume. The process has not been completed yet, do you want to resume" and i press "yes" and put in my password, and then when i am supposed to pick my device but its not even there to pick. So what shall i do?

Please help me, i want to be able to see my device again. I have 1000 gig of personal content on it

Sincerely Nick