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bug: volume format ignores cluster size


Hi, I found a little bug, no matter what cluster size I set in volume format, it always uses 4kB. Tested on multiple machines/and VC versions with ntfs.


Enigma2Illusion wrote Jun 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM


To help the development team better analyse your issue, can you provide the output of one of your tests showing the issue by posting the results from the utility Mounir wrote called GetDriveExtendedInfo?

You can download the utility at the link below.

Instructions how to use the utility are at the posting below.

testoslav wrote Jun 22, 2016 at 9:26 AM

I found the cause of the problem. If you let veracryptformat launch UAC prompt, it creates the volume with default 4k cluster, BUT if you launch veracryptformat as administrator, no UAC is asked and volume is created with correct parameters. There have been bug in 1.17 (some beta I don't remeber), which prevented non escalated user to create the volume. It had been corrected, but now I see this behaviour.

Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch veracryptformat as administrator and ctreate ntfs volume with 32k cluster. Chkdsk reports 32768 bytes in each allocation unit (correct size) 2. launch veracryptformat as non escalated user, create ntfs volume with 32k cluster, answer uac promt launched by VC. Chkdsk reports 4096 bytes in each allocation unit (wrong size).

It's clearly a bug. Not an annoying one, especially when I know a workaround, but it should be fixed ;-)