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program freezing when try to mount



I'm using VeraCrypt for a year at least (great job btw!) and hit an issue for the first time.

I'm using VeraCrypt on Linux Mint 17 from dpm. When I want to mount a file (like a many times before), it asks for pass and sudo pass (as usual) and then starts loading - but never ends. It goes like ten minutes straight and nothing happends - it needs to be killed from outside.

Did not any important updates, using fully updated system.

Thanks for concerning,

UPDATE: so I run a couple of tries and it looks like verarypt just stopped working at all. Can't mount all (before non-problematic) file, cannot create new encrypted file (freezes just before ending), cannot mount freshly created file from an other computer - what should I do now? I don't want to move to another software....

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testoslav wrote Jun 17, 2016 at 5:48 PM

I'm having quite similar problem when I enter wrong PIM on a netbook running windows 7 with latest 1.18 beta8 efi preview (2016-05-24). Mount takes forever ("please wait..." dialog is rolling), but there's nothing to kill (because "system" is burning the cpu). So I need to restart the computer, but windows hang on "shutting down" message, so the only chance is to turn the netbook off hard.

This happened after upgrade of veracrypt, With some old 1.18 beta-something it was fine and 1.17 works too, only I have to wait a minute or so before I can retype the password and PIM. I'm really missing the cancel button on the please wait dialog! Maybe combination of slow cpu and new algorithms?

On my other more powerful machines with win7/win10/linux (without PIM) there's no problem though.

testoslav wrote Jun 17, 2016 at 5:55 PM

This seems to be a new bug, I'm able to repeat the behaviour on other machines/OSes too, but only when PIM is used.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. create 1GB container with PIM, format ntfs
  2. try to mount the container using correct pass but wrong PIM
  3. VC hangs
That's it.

testoslav wrote Jun 17, 2016 at 6:10 PM

Ok, I'm taking it back. It takes many long minutes, but it finally shoots bad password dialog. VC 1.17 and older betas are much faster when detecting incorrect password, that's what confused me. Even my slooow netbook shoots bad password after 30 seconds or so, but not with the latest beta.

Mounir, please, add the cancel button ;-) Everyone knows how fast his machine mounts, so it would if it could be cancelled by user. Waitng like 10 minutes for a new attempt is not cool.

tomtomklima wrote Jun 17, 2016 at 10:31 PM

OK, I will try to wait for a hour, and it is still all the same.

Btw my system needs no CPU for this, there is no load on that process. And never use of PIM, there was no need for me.

hierA wrote Jan 10, 2017 at 5:41 PM

From HDD load (external drive), I can see, when the encryption password has been accepted. The CPU graph will go up for a while and then drop to zero. First time happened for me with 1.19 for some reason.

Could probably be the switch to exFAT partition with an exFAT container.
This is reproducible with cryptsetup as well (containing veracrypt support in more recent versions).

If you are still using veracrypt, the following workaround could help.

Using veracrypt GUI, kill the dmsetup process after CPU load has dropped to zero. This will force a veracrypt error dialog stating, that dmsetup has failed (surprise). After that, use another slot and try mounting the container again. That works always.
If you use cryptsetup, kill it with -9 (SIGKILL). Both veracrypt and cryptsetup have root permissions, so kill need them too.

Unmounting is now slightly more complicated:
Unmount the veracrypt slot, that has worked.
Remove the original (broken) slot:
dmsetup remove veracrypt<slot number> (or the device name you chose for the first cryptsetup attempt)
Unmount the filesystem with container. (if any)

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