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ISO Image a major hassle


Multiple users (and if I can get this done on one we will donate, no not intended as carrot) with some 40 laptops... using "test" laptop and VeraCrypt ver 1.16 -
Want to encrypt the 'Windows system partition' (fairly familiar with this from TrueCrypt use but did that on personal laptop and had no issue with creating 'one' ISO image - burning it)

Cannot get past the 'iso check' and I've tried the veracrypt format.exe /noisocheck in admin Command prompt. Obtain error upon trying... "error while parsing command line"...

Stuck... at least 60% of users have the CD/DVD burner in their laptop. I need to be able to encrypt rapidly or I am in trouble and this burning 'recovery' (vs saving and copying to "company" USB thumb drive for any later need) is a major stumbling block.

I there a 'check' in any newer versions that will not 'demand' the burning? Thank you for a great program, I just need to copy the iso image from the 'folder location' and move on.

Many thanks


expanderpander wrote Dec 25, 2015 at 5:29 PM

You don't need to have a CD/DVD burner! Normally you get this message during the wizzard Image

idrassi wrote Dec 25, 2015 at 7:08 PM

@Rogrdane : the /noisocheck switch works. The error you have comes from the fact that you forgot to put " around the name VeraCrypt Format.exe : this is important because there is space in the name and Windows will not find the file without it. So, the correct command syntax to type is :
"C:\Program Files\VeraCrypt\VeraCrypt Format.exe" /noisocheck
As expanderpander wrote, if there is no burner on the machine, you will be presented the above message but I guess you question is for those who have a burner but don't want to use it.

Anyway, by using the correct command as I wrote above, you will be able to skip this check. But you have to backup the ISO of the Rescue Disk to be able to recover in case of error.