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The 'fstrim' command doesn't work with VeraCrypted NTFS partitions on SSDs in Linux


I was pleased to learn that NTFS-3G v2015.3.14 supports TRIM commands on SSDs in Linux. I just tried it out on my Windows partition (via "fstrim /mnt/Windows") and it worked well. For the record, I didn't need to mount the partition with the 'discard' option as NTFS-3G doesn't need it.

When I then tried the same on my VeraCrypted NTFS partition (on the same SSD), I got the following error message: "fstrim: /mnt/Secure: the discard operation is not supported". Even after I remounted said partition with the 'discard' option, the song unfortunately remained the same.

I should also note that the "Do not use kernel cryptographic services" checkbox in VeraCrypt's "Preferences" dialog is deselected. I've searched around but I can't find anyone else online who's trying to do this via the VeraCrypt/NTFS combination in Linux. So, what must I do to get it working?

I don't think I should keep using NTFS inside VeraCrypt containers on SSDs if there's no way to issue TRIM commands (in Linux or Windows), or those partitions will slow down over time. Other than Ext3/4, are there any journaled alternatives that are writable in both Windows and Linux?