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Expand Raid5 "successful"



i have expanded my partition encryption from ~10tb to 16,7tb (16753,17GB) (Raid 5). My filesystem is NTFS. The last expand worked gread but this time the tool says successful and I can mount the volume, BUT windows only give me the option to format it, because no filesystem is found on the mounted volume. Is there any possibility to get my data back (i have no header backups) ??


expanderpander wrote Oct 3, 2015 at 2:19 PM

-> can be closed, this issue has nothing to do with veracrypt
NTFS with default 4096 Bytes clusters only supports 17.592.186.040.320Bytes -> ~16TB
Windows can't read the partition after expand to more then 16tb, but it is possible to mount the volume on linux...