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[Mac OS X] Unmounting container on FileVault encrypted drive and shutting down OS X afterwards fails


I have issues using encrypted files on Mac OS X (10.10) with a FileVault 2 encrypted drive.
I encrypted my SSD hard drive during the OS X installation process with FileVault2 and installed VeraCrypt afterwards. Creating an encrypted volume with 1,5 GB (AES encryption) on the SSD worked perfectly. Also, mounting the volume and using the files in the volume always works fine. Anyhow, it is not possible to unmount the drive properly. VeraCrypt obviously (or: seemingly) unmounts it (because after clicking "Dismount" the volume disappears after some seconds and is not accessible anymore even via Terminal) but the VeraCrypt process does not finish and it is not possible to close VeraCrypt in a normal way then. I once waited for 2 hours until I finally SIGKILLed the corresponding process. Also, after working with the encrypted volume OS X does not shut down properly anymore. After the window manager closes and the screen wents black the OS X "loading circle" in the bottom of the screen appears and keeps spinning; since I have an SSD drive I cannot figure out whether the hard drive is still working or not. I waited seven hours until morning and then finally powered off the computer by holding the On/Off-button. I always have to power off the Mac this way after using the VeraCrypt volume.

Is there probably a known incompability between FileVault 2 (maybe especially on SSD drives - specifically a Samsung 840 series (not pro or evo)) and VeraCrypt? I am a bit scared that after shutting down the Mac manually the drive is not properly encrypted.

Sorry for my bad english!