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"Veracrypt::SecurityToken::Initlibrary:523" error


Hey all!
I am using my Mac Leopard with Veracrypt last version and I get the cryptic message "No such file or directory" and "Veracrypt::SecurityToken::Initlibrary:523".
I tried to desinstall Veracrypt, MacFuse and so one --> no result
Reinstallation does not help.
The windows does actually not close when I press on okay.
Does anybody have any Idea? I would try to suppress any initialization file but I can find any of them. Any help welcome :-)
Have a nice week-end! Alex


idrassi wrote Oct 2, 2015 at 6:17 PM

Hi Alex,

You seem to use a PKCS#11 module to access your keyfile on a smart card. Do you confirm?

This error indicates that VeraCrypt was not able to load the PKCS#11 library you specified on the preferences. Either remove the PKCS#11 library from VeraCrypt preferences or check that the library still exists and that it is loaded (for example by testing it on Firefox).

amantion wrote Oct 2, 2015 at 7:43 PM

Thank you for your answer.
This is exactly what I try to do. The point is that I cannot access to the parameter window of Veracrypt, as the windows with the error message is again and again popping up. I would do it in a command line, but I don´t know where to look for the files!
Best regards,
Alexandre Mantion