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Veracrypt says admin password is wrong



I would like to ask for help. On all my hard disks are veracrypt container. I changed my machine specs yesterday and i can't use veracrypt. I use Arch Linux x64 bit. I type my container password and it is ok, then i'm aksed for admin password, which i type in and veracrypt says that can't obitain admin privileages. Why? Password is ok, i have the same password for Win/Lin. With Windows i have 2 containers with NTFS filesystem and they works, but with Arch and EXT4 each try when i try to put admin password fails.

What to do?

I can't run it with gui mode. When i run in using terminal (veracrypt --mount /something/ /somewehere/) i see "small gui" that asks for container password without admin password and it works. What went wrong? I tried to install clean Arch install, and the same thing.