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Cant read data anymore



I changed my OS from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro by new installing, not upgrading.
I have a second harddrive and one partition is encrypted.
I tried to open it and it worked eventhough data transfer was really slow (5 MB/s instead of 90) and I got worried. I restarted my PC to connect a backup drive but the Disk is not readable anymore.
SMART Data is fine, another partition on the drive works totally fine so its no hardware issue.

I can still mount the drive and change passwords and stuff but I cant open it. When I mount it and try to open it in explorer, explorer asks me to format the drive.
It was formatted NTFS btw.

When I try to decrypt permanently I get an Input/Output Error, if I guess right. In German it says E/A-Gerätefehler.

What is wrong with the partition, is it fixable?


idrassi wrote Sep 16, 2015 at 10:11 PM


Decreasing read/write speed and high latency are the symptoms of hardware errors or communication issues.
I don't have an explanation on why the slow down happens only on one partition and not the others. It can be that only a part of the disk is faulty and its embedded controller is trying to automatically correct read errors.

Did you try mounting using the embedded header backup?
On the password dialog, click on "mount options" and then check "Use backup header embedded in volume if available".

Even if VeraCrypt is able to mount the partition, it is possible that part of the volume header has been corrupted for some reason and so the information retrieved by VeraCrypt are wrong, which may lead to issues.
The header backup is located at the end of the drive and there is a big probability that it will not be affected by the corruption that header at the beginning of the drive.

In all cases, something happens at the hardware level (either the disk or motherboard) that is causing communication errors with the disk.


Invalidfirstname wrote Sep 16, 2015 at 10:22 PM


thanks for the fast answer.
Tried alternative header and didnt help out.