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Cannot mount Windows partition on top of Intel RAID in Linux


I created RAID1 named Windows in BIOS.
While VeraCrypt in Windows installed on this RAID volume works fine, I am unable to mount it in Linux.

/dev/md/imsm0 is a symlink to /dev/md127,
/dev/md/Windows is a symlink to /dev/md126,
/dev/md/Windows1 is a symlink to /dev/md126p1,
/dev/md/Windows2 is a symlink to /dev/md126p2

Before encryption, I could mount Windows partiton by

mount /dev/md126p2 /mnt

After encryption (partition only, not full drive encryption), no luck with

veracrypt -m system /dev/md126p2 /mnt

ERROR: Partition device required.

If I try

veracrypt -m system /dev/md/Windows2 /mnt

I get error

ERROR: Directory or file does not exist

When the volume was just partially encrypted, the

veracrypt -m system /dev/md/Windows2 /mnt

command returned something like it cannot mount partially encrypted volume.