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Google blocking VeraCrypt downloads

UPDATE: as of January 8th 2017, Google doesn't block downloads anymore.

Since December 20th 2016, Google Chrome is flagging VeraCrypt binaries on Codeplex as malware and this makes it impossible for users to download them. This blocking also affects some Firefox users since Firefox default configuration uses Google Anti-Malware service to validate downloaded files.

After verification, VeraCrypt files hosted on Codeplex are safe and they have not been tampered with. Clearly, Google flagging of VeraCrypt binaries is a false positive since they don't contain any malware.

Until this issue is fixed and in order to avoid confusion among users, I have temporarily disabled downloads from Codeplex.

Meanwhile, VeraCrypt binaries can be downloaded from Launchpad ( and Sourceforge (

I have also updated the "Downloads" wiki page to use links to files hosted on Launchpad instead of Codeplex.

Download VeraCrypt

























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