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Unable to complete pre-test for OS partition encryption

Topics: Technical Issues
May 11 at 11:45 PM
I'm trying to encrypt my OS partition; however, I am unable to complete the pre-test. I notice that it says Drive 1 will be affected; however, my OS and MBR are on Drive 2.

I have 3 drives installed:

Drive1 : 4.55TB with 501MB unallocated, 2047.5 GB allocated, and then 2609.5GB unallocated
Drive2: 112.8GB C: , 450MB NTFS, and 119.6GB unallocated
Disk3: 293.0GB allocated, 172.8GB unallocated

Drive 2 is where my MBR and C: drive are. The unallocated portions are for Linux, which I will be installing after I encrypt the OS system partition (a whole different problem then arises trying to daisy-chain the bootloaders, I know).

Has anyone faced a similar problem, or see how to correct it?
May 13 at 3:19 AM
Does anyone know what might be the cause and how to correct it? Or, if more information is needed to diagnose the problem, can you tell me what information I should provide?