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some miracle with long passwd(over 16 chars) with spaces..

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May 7 at 12:24 PM
1.19 x64 win10
i tried three times(antivirus disabling(he blocks low level operations with disk), changing bios options) to encrypt system gpt volume, and all times bootloader said to me "wrong password" on test step. im be sad, because CipherShed(and TrueCrypt) dont supporting gpt system volume :\ and then i remembered about 8 critical bugs and said to myself "wait! its the hands-from-ass program, need to try simple passwd". after it i tried low reg 8 chars word- its ok. i tried low reg 8 chars with space- its ok. i tried low reg long(over 16 chars) passwd with spaces- its ok. hmm.. and finaly i tried first long passwd with low/high reg chars with spaces-.. its ok! what a fuck? its a miracle, because i never do mistakes in my passwd. anyone can confirm?