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How to do this simple task using VeraCrypt?

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Mar 16, 2017 at 1:01 AM
Hi my first post here, as I finally registered, whew!

What I am interested in is this scenario, which I have a suspicion is either very easy to do or has not yet been implemented. In the event of the latter can you please direct me to some other software that might have this feature, or a workaround?

The scenario:

Set up a USB having a password (private key) that can be somehow used to open a public key encrypted message.

The USB would also have a Windows 10 password reset disk so the person who has the USB can log into the target PC.

The person who would have this USB stick is not that computer literate, so the idea is a simple algorithm that they can follow like: insert the USB into the target PC upon bootup, get into Windows (steps omitted), then use the USB (or the contents found in the USB) to decrypt the file XYZ.EXT which is public key encrypted, where you can find all the master passwords for the bank accounts in plaintext on this file XYZ".

Is this something easy to do with Veracrypt? I guess the person can ask the help of an IT professional, so perhaps just a few steps to get them down the right path is all that is needed.