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Can't Mount Encrypted USB Flash Drive

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Mar 9, 2017 at 10:13 PM
A couple of days ago I created my first two encrypted drives, so newbie here. One was on my PC and the other on a USB Flash Drive. Both drives shared the same password. Today I've tried to mount both drives and only the one on my PC is appearing. When I go to open my F Drive which is where one of the encrypted drives exists (N) I get an error message stating "please insert a disk into removable disk"

When I use Veracrypt and try and mount the N drive (which is the one on the Flash Drive) I get an error message that says "No Volume Selected"

How can I access the N Drive which resides on the Flash Drive at this point? Why doesn't it appear when I click "Auto-Mount Devices" like the M drive on my PC did? Many thanks in advance for providing a solution to this.