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Veracrypt try to connect to a computer IP over internet

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Mar 5 at 10:34 AM

I log that veracrypt try to connect to a computer IP over internet : IP : fe80::9272:82ff:fe72:119a

No possibility to block this outbound traffic ? Why ? for what ?

Thank you...

Mar 5 at 2:52 PM
Mar 6 at 3:39 AM
@ Enigma: Sorry to hijack this thread with a completely different topic, but my original question hasn't received an answer in the three weeks or so that it's been up there, so....

Fortunately my question is very simple:
  Do the contents of a VeraCrypt volume/file container (after being mounted, of course) work and appear like any other Windows folder (e.g., in File Explorer)?  Is the [mounted] volume searchable like any other Windows folder(s)?
I haven't download VeraCrypt yet, but looks like a good encryption solution, but only if I can search for particular files and folders just as I can with ordinary unencrypted files and folders in Windows.
Mar 6 at 9:53 AM
ReverendBlueJeans -

Once you mount the volume it operates just as a normal drive letter.
If you mount it as a removable drive it behaves as any other removable drive.
If you mount it as a fixed drive it operates as any normal fixed drive.
If you format the volume with FAT32 it will have the same limitations as any FAT32 volume

Although I have not encrypted a System drive with Veracrypt.
I have all manner of other drives (USB, SD, Fixed)
(I have encrypted a system drive with Truecrypt before, I just have not had a need to encrypt a system drive lately)

The latest version seems very stable even for large hard drives (4TB)