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Pre test fails, doesn't restart or ask for password

Topics: Technical Issues
Mar 4 at 7:44 PM

After trying to encrypt the OS partition (whole drive option is greyed-out) and getting to the pre test, the computer successfully shuts down but doesn't restart. Upon powering up, no password is asked for and the pc boots normally and VeraCrypt gives a message that the pre-test has failed. Tried twice.

QuickStart is disabled and there is only one hard drive. PC is originally from 2012. Single-booted, HP, Windows 10 (formerly 8 then 8.1), 8 GB RAM. Not sure if it's related, but I have also had semi-regular blue screens (e.g. IQRL_GT_zero_at_system_service, system_service_exception, pfn_list_corrupt,QUOTA_underflow, bad_pool_header, IQRL_not_less_or_equal, system_thread_exception_not_handled), with no specific trigger, ever since it was brand new.

Might be similar to whatever is going on here, the closest thing I could find: link

Mar 5 at 12:34 PM