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Legacy processor support?

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Mar 3, 2017 at 12:05 AM
I am very optimistic about the VeraCrypt project, but have some concerns about how it will behave on legacy processors, both now and in the future. Since it can now open TrueCrypt volumes, I could test-deploy it, but I am very hesitant to do so right now as the two machines I would test it on have very old processors. One is a Pentium 3, which supports SSE but not SSE2, and the other is an old AMD something-or-other which doesn't even support that. TrueCrypt works perfectly on both of them, but I worry that VeraCrypt will fail spectacularly because it depends on processor routines that my dinosaurs don't have, and potentially damage data in the process.

I use a significant number of legacy machines like these as daily drivers still, and while I realize that this is not normal, I have my reasons for doing so, not the least of which is that I still really like them, and their capabilities, while limited by modern standards, are still perfectly adequate for what I do with them. However, I have started to encounter issues with software changing to require SSE2 support, and am concerned that as soon as I migrate to VeraCrypt, if I do, it will also change to require it.

So the question becomes, does VC now, and will VC in the future, require SSE/SSE2 in order to function, or will such support merely speed things up where it is available?