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Veracrypt Large files on hidden volume in MAC OS

Topics: Technical Issues
Feb 25 at 7:06 PM

I'm trying to format an external USB HDD on Mac OS to backup large files (> 4GB). I want to use a hidden volume, but the wizard never asks me if I want to store large files. After formatting, I try to copy a large file to the outer volume, and it fails- saying the file is too large.

Q: Does Veracrypt support large files on Mac OS for hidden volumes?
Q: I noticed that if I create a regular (non-hidden) volume, the wizard DOES ask me if I want to store large files.
Q: I noticed my outer volume is formatted as FAT32- which would explain the 4GB file limitation. But why didn't it ask me?
Q: I know Veracrypt supports HFS+ on container file volumes... Wondering if there is a limitation here?

Great software!

Feb 25 at 7:26 PM
Outer volume is FAT formatted => 4GB file size limit. Other FS is not recommended for outer volume because of file system data location. FAT uses begin of volume. You can try exFAT if it is available in MAC OS.