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Access denied error at Collecting Random Data

Topics: Technical Issues, Users Discussion
Feb 15, 2017 at 10:08 PM
First time user, so bear with me. I have downloaded and installed Veracrypt on a Win 7 Enterprise, HP Probook 650 G2. I am going through the process to encrypt entire drive. Installation works fine. and I am accepting the defaults all the way through. When I get to the window that is Collecting Random Data, after the bar turns green and hits all the way, I try to click Next and get an error window that appears. The Error reads in part, "access denied by the operating system" Possible cause: The operating system requires that you have read/write permissions for certain folders, etc. etc." The final line reads Source: Veracrypt::Elevator::BackupEfiSystemLoader::336

This happens irregardless if I login and run with admin or mundane account. Nothing in the logs stands out to me. Advice?