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Installing on Vista - shortcut icon problem

Topics: Technical Issues
Feb 14 at 9:11 PM
I have Vista 32-bit. I tried to install VeraCrypt 1.19 (and 1.18a and 1.2x beta) first time and I have the similar problem described here:

Installing process stops ('installation failed') in command 'adding icon c:(...)Veracrypt.lnk'. If I uncheck 'Add Veracrypt to Start menu', and leave select 'Add Veracrypt icon to desktop', then stops when adding icon to desktop.

So I uncheck both adding icon shortcut, then installation successful without shortcut. It looks fine, but whether will all work properly?

I opened 'Veracrypt Setup' and 'Repair/Reinstal' with select both adding icon, then appear:

'The Veracrypt device driver cannot be unloaded.
Please close all open Veracrypt windows first. If it does not help, please restart Windows and then try again.'

Ofcorse, nothing proces of Veracrypt turned on. Anyway, I restart computer, without result.

Uninstalled Veracrypt, and installed successful ver. 1.17 WITH shortcut, and then upgrade to 1.19 WITHOUT select add shortcut. (If I upgrade with select add icon shortcut, then 'installation failed'.) Now it looks fine, but again, whether will all work properly?