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System Favorite Volume - Automount sucessfully -> device not ready problem

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 31 at 5:15 PM
OS : Windows 10 64Bit
OS on SSD msata 256GB with full system encryption
DATA on HDD 1 TB with data encryption enable
Veracrypt 1.19.
If i mount the data volume manually everything work fine.
if i use the function system favorite volume and flag mount system favorite volume at startup, veracrypt mount the volume, i can see all the root directory but if i click on a directory i reiceve a warning that say "Device Not Ready".
I've tried
. Disable fast boot
. Change drive letter
. Check the password (ita -> us keyboard).
. tried to disable windows defender but the problem persist.

I've posted in sourceforge the same problem; which is the official forum? Sorry for DoublePosting.
Mar 27 at 3:39 PM
Someone have encountered the same problem?