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Move from TC to VC - has not gone well

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Jan 17, 2017 at 4:40 PM

I have been a long time TC user. Just got a new laptop that will not run TC. UEFI boot on GPT boot record rather than BIOS boot on MBR.

Immediate problem:
On clean installation of windows (10) first the verycrypt rescue file was not recognised as either a zip or an iso so have not yet created the rescue disk. Before anyone goes off on that track, I was just testing out because I have read so much about VC problems on UEFI boot amongst no problem. I can reinstall windows - there is nothing on this machine to lose - yet.

Second, on proceeding with the boot test, boot failed with windows error message, something about "image not found". Only option was to boot with windows 10 iso installation files and reinstall.

Is it even worth me continuing to try to get this to work?

General question:
Another more general question about which maybe someone can enlighten me....

What I don't understand is that the big audit of Truecrypt, as I understand it, found little in the way of vulnerabilities. Truecrypt was always reliable and stable - it just worked. I know it would have had to be updated work with GPT and UEFI. But veracrypt devs have apparently found that there are multiple vulnerabilities which seem to be being fixed all the time, the code has ballooned to 8x that of Truecrypt, and now it seems that there are multiple problems and unreliability.